Talkadelphia Episode 32: Conrad Benner & Streets Dept.

Ever walk the streets of Philadelphia and wonder who keeps posting all those prints of birdcages on the mailboxes? Or who’s been pasting cutouts of author Earnest Hemingway on street poles all over town? Conrad Benner, formerly of PhilthyBlog, had the same questions – and on his brand new street art blog, Streets Dept, he’s been finding all the answers and sharing them with readers every week. When the opportunity arises, he even travels with the artists themselves to document them as they put up their work. This past winter, he traveled with Jessie Hemmons aka Ms. Ishknits as she yarn-bombed the Market-Frankford line. After Conrad featured her work on his blog, she went on to be featured in The New York Times, Newsweek and other major media outlets. We sat down with Conrad to talk street art, fashion and more.

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